Natural Burial

Beacons Park Natural Burial Ground is set within the beautiful surroundings of the Brecon Beacons National Park and is the only Natural Death Centre approved natural burial ground in South Wales.

Essentially, a natural burial is where the body is laid to rest in a biodegradable coffin or shroud.  The graves are not marked with headstones or wooden crosses, but simply planted with a shrub or alternatively wild flowers suitable to the area. It becomes a living, breathing legacy, a protected nature reserve to be enjoyed not only by visitors in the future but the local wildlife too.

Grave locations are carefully recorded using grid reference system co-ordinates. Each identified by a small stone marker placed in the ground after the burial, which will be supplied by us. The marker will bear only the grave number. It will be used as a reference point, ensuring family members visit the correct grave, giving you peace of mind, and for any future burials in the plot will be a secondary reference for us.

For those of us who are concerned that our final resting place should have as little impact on the environment as possible, and those who wish to leave behind a protected corner of Welsh countryside, will find “natural burial” a positive and comforting choice.

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